Vaxcel lighting incorporates our own patented portfolio of advanced technologies to make life simpler, safer and more connected.

Dualux® Dual-Level Technology

Dualux decorative lanterns and security lights enhance the beauty and safety of your home. The dual-level lighting automatically provides bright illumination in the early evening, dims later at night to save energy, and then delivers bright illumination whenever motion is detected. Learn more.

Instalux® Motion Sensor Technology

It’s as simple as a wave of your hand. With Instalux, you create the perfect lighting using simple hand motions without having to walk across the room to a wall switch. Learn more.

Image of kitchen with natural light.

Naturalux™ Lighting Technology

Dim-to-warm technology adjusts color temperature and brightness to recreate natural lighting. Enjoy lighting, naturally, as it was meant to be. Learn more.

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