Outdoor Lighting
Made Smarter

Dualux is the smarter way to light your home’s exterior at night. Its patented technology reliably and effortlessly enhances your home’s beauty, security and efficiency.

Highlighting Your Home’s Beauty

Dualux lights automatically illuminate your home’s exterior based on ambient light — brighter at dusk, dimmer after dark.

Keeping Your Home Secure

After dark, Dualux lights instantly brighten when they detect motion to help welcome your guests — and deter unwanted visitors.

Illuminating More Efficiently

Dualux sensing technology controls your lights automatically to help you reduce your electric bill.

How It Works

Dualux® dual-level technology keeps your home’s exterior brighter at dusk, dimmer at night — and brightens instantly when it detects motion.

Early evening

Enjoy continuous bright light for welcoming guests to a party or grilling burgers for dinner.

Late night

Lights automatically dim to save energy while accenting your home’s architecture.

All night

Lights brighten when they detect motion — to welcome anyone arriving late and discourage unwanted visitors.

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Find the ideal Dualux lights for your front porch, backyard, driveway or the sides of your house. We offer a wide variety of automatic, dual-level lights and styles to give you peace of mind and curb appeal.

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