Find Your Style

Defining your style can be a challenge. Most people are able to say whether they’re more traditional or contemporary in general, but beyond that, it usually comes down to “I’ll know it when I see it.”

We’ve created this quick, six-question quiz to help you identify your style by revealing what appeals to you. Take the quiz, then browse our products to find the perfect lighting that complements your style and begin transforming your home!


Find Your Style

Question 1

Which of these tables appeals to you most?

Rustic Table
Traditional Table
Urban Loft Table
Mid-Century Modern Table
Coastal Table
Mission Table

Question 2

Which of these surfaces would you use inside your home?

Industrial Flooring
Traditional Flooring
Modern Country Flooring
Contemporary Flooring
Urban Loft Flooring
Transitional Flooring

Question 3

Which of these doors do you find most inviting?

Transitional Door
Rustic Door
Urban Loft Door
Mission Door
Mid-Century Modern Door
Modern Country Door

Question 4

Which chair would you choose?

Mid-Century Modern Chair
Industrial Chair
Rustic Chair
Coastal Chair
Traditional Chair
Contemporary Chair

Question 5

Which faucet/fixture do you prefer?

Question 6

Which of these décor pieces would complete your look?

Urban Loft Decor
Modern Country Decor
Traditional Decor
Transitional Decor
Coastal Decor
Rustic Decor

What’s your style?

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