Indoor Lighting Quiz

Question 1

Which of these tables appeals to you most?

Rustic Table
Traditional Table
Urban Loft Table
Mid-Century Modern Table
Coastal Table
Mission Table

Question 2

Which of these surfaces would you use inside your home?

Industrial Flooring
Traditional Flooring
Modern Country Flooring
Contemporary Flooring
Urban Loft Flooring
Transitional Flooring

Question 3

Which of these doors do you find most inviting?

Transitional Door
Rustic Door
Urban Loft Door
Mission Door
Mid-Century Modern Door
Modern Country Door

Question 4

Which chair would you choose?

Mid-Century Modern Chair
Industrial Chair
Rustic Chair
Coastal Chair
Traditional Chair
Contemporary Chair

Question 5

Which faucet/fixture do you prefer?

Question 6

Which of these décor pieces would complete your look?

Urban Loft Decor
Modern Country Decor
Traditional Decor
Transitional Decor
Coastal Decor
Rustic Decor

What’s your style?

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