Turn outdoor lighting into outdoor living with Dualux® dual-level technology

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When you’re shopping for decorative outdoor lighting, one quick internet search or stroll down the aisle of any major big-box retailer offers countless motion-sensing lighting options. How do you choose?

More sophisticated lighting doesn’t just light your exterior—it adds style, extending and enhancing the time you spend outdoors while providing security once you’ve retreated indoors for the evening.

Dualux® Dual-Level Outdoor Lighting technology, with its multiple brightness levels, programmable security settings and automatic sensing controls, expands the realm of possibilities for your outdoor lighting. If you’ve ever wondered if your exterior lighting could really give you style, peace of mind and efficiency, the answer is—yes!

Let’s talk motion: Multiple brightness levels deliver security with style

Don’t settle for lights that you need to manually turn on and off with a switch. Patented Dualux energy-saving technology means you can enjoy decorative lighting that delivers both continuous energy-efficient illumination during the dark, inactive and late-night hours, and 100% brightness whenever motion is detected. Plus, for added peace of mind, some models come with Bluetooth connectivity to control brightness settings remotely.

Tip: Walk around the perimeter of your home after dark to identify the darkest areas and entry points—around the garage, back doors, front walk and window wells. It seems obvious, but it really will help you determine the best position for your lights.

Timing is everything: Sync up your lighting with your lifestyle

Life is busy—so it’s worth having outdoor lights that automatically run on your schedule. Think decorative outdoor wall-mounted lights and lanterns near driveways and entrances where people come and go.

Tip: Take advantage of Dualux lighting’s built-in timer for continuous bright light during active early evening hours when you’re outside watering plants, grilling burgers or entertaining guests. Select from set intervals for a continuous glow at 100% brightness in the early twilight hours—when and where you want it.

Ambience: Accent your exterior with inviting warmth

Energy-efficient dimmed lighting doesn’t mean glowstick-level brightness. Dualux’s automatic sensors maximize your ambient light, turning lights on and off for you as natural light outside your home transitions from day to night to day again. Plus, smart outdoor lighting lets you control the level of ambient brightness during late-evening hours.

Tip: Take advantage of the adjustable low-level light setting to provide the amount of ambient lighting you’d like, and minimize disturbing your neighbors with continuous bright lights. Select from intervals between 0% and 50% of full brightness for just the right level of light overnight.

The bottom line? You no longer have to settle when it comes to the right mix of features for outdoor lighting. You can have it all. Opt for stylish, versatile, dual-level brightness with Dualux outdoor lighting—and you won’t be disappointed (or left in the dark).

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