Farmhouse Lighting: The charm of the country

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Far from the city, you’re driving along a two-lane road. As you crest a hill, you spy a shiplap farmhouse nestled in a grove of oaks, with a faded but sturdy barn standing quietly nearby.

You’ve never lived on a farm. But something inside you chimes “home.”

If this rings true for you, you’re probably a fan of the Modern Country style. Something about those bright, inviting spaces with a well-worn feel touches a chord, whether it’s rooted in actual memories of a grandparent’s farm or just a deep longing for simplicity.

Gentle hues need soft, functional lighting

Many people associate the Modern Country look with kitchens—antique tables and chairs, natural-grain flooring and brightly stained cabinets. Even simple drawer pulls can add the “charm of the farm” to an otherwise ordinary kitchen.

Other people, however, find ways to evoke Modern Country throughout their homes with hand-crafted quilts, converted farm furniture and intentionally mismatched accessories. From dining rooms to bathrooms, bedrooms to back porches, there are Modern Country furnishings for every taste and budget.

The gentle hues of Modern Country furnishings—faded blues and greens, earth and straw tones, weathered whites—need soft lighting with a strong presence. The ideal light fixtures for Modern Country are almost soft industrial, yet the elements are more natural to match the rough-hewn warmth of your décor.

If you’re trying to capture that feeling in your own home, you’ll find the perfect light fixtures in our Modern Country lighting collection.

How to light your Modern Country-style spaces

We offer pendants, chandeliers, flush-mounts and wall lamps for any Modern Country-themed space in your home—indoors or out.

  • Your kitchen. Our flush-mount and semi-flush-mount fixtures, with noble bronze and frosted glass in comfortable round shapes, lend Modern Country kitchens an understated grace. Mini-pendants—sometimes featuring jar-shaped glass—add a touch of sophistication and sly humor.
  • Your living room or dining room. Highlight your most prominent Modern Country spaces with our pendants and chandeliers. Rubbed bronze, clear glass and natural shapes match the presence of large farmhouse furniture and accessories.
  • Vanity lights. Our range of Modern Country vanity lights—from single lamps to four-lamp configurations, in noble bronze and satin nickel—put the focus on your walls with timeless and simple details better suited for high-condensation areas.
  • Outdoor lights. The brushed copper, satin silver and light aged iron of our Modern Country outdoor lights give your porch, front steps or patio an authentic rural feel, perfect for sipping hot coffee and enjoying a warm apple cider donut on a clear, sunny October morning.
  • Wall lights. Play with scale and utility when you fill your home’s vertical spaces with large, outdoor-inspired barn lights. Place them in front of your kitchen window or over a big farm sink—they’re even available in unique colors like red and green.

Modern Country lighting can also enhance your hallways, your foyer or even your home office—anywhere you crave a touch of home comfort and simplicity. Whether you favor farmhouse, French or English country, or something in between, you’ll find your ideal light fixtures in our Modern Country lighting collection.

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