Urban Loft style: Modern elements, meet industrial past


You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate vintage buildings, warehouses and factories.

If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself inside a reclaimed space, there’s no denying it has a certain creative energy, with exposed ductwork in the ceiling and gleaming concrete floors that carry the echo of your footsteps. It’s a cool juxtaposition of raw and refined.

Recreating the look of a city dwelling has become synonymous with the Urban Loft style—exposed beams and trusses, original brick, iron and wood finishes, and expansive open areas for guests to gather. While some of these elements are easier to copy than others, it’s no wonder this style has fueled revitalization efforts everywhere from small towns to the West Loop or Tribeca.

Bold materials translate to any space

Even if soaring ceilings and skyline views aren’t a possibility, more people are adopting these classic elements and surfaces into their spaces to reflect their love of city lifestyles, modern art and the craftsmanship of past eras.

Inspired by a new generation of urbanites, rehabbers and ambitious condo owners, you can “reclaim” your own space—with new surfaces, textures and finishes to create the same effect, no matter if you live in a suburban subdivision or atop a downtown storefront. And our collection of Urban Loft lighting was created specifically to soften the harsh lines found in these spaces with a sophisticated blend of styles and finishes.

Lighting, industrial-style: It’s elemental

Drama is the name of the game when it comes to Urban Loft lighting. From oil-rubbed bronze to burnished oak and natural brass, think finishes first to accent the exposed elements throughout the space.

  • Focus on foyers and entryways. Don’t settle for eyeball lights and recessed lighting when you can take advantage of vertical space in entryways and other rooms with high ceilings. Instead, opt for Urban Loft pendant lighting for a more dramatic effect.
  • Think ambiance in kitchen and dining areas. Light levels matter in spaces where guests gather. Consider painting your dining room ceiling a darker color than your walls, or try using vintage light bulbs or a contemporary Urban Loft chandelier with a dimmer to set the right mood.
  • Scale up living rooms and open areas. Don’t use light fixtures that are all the same size or shape. Use a mix of floor lamps and Urban Loft wall lamps to provide a dramatic effect while projecting light outward toward the center of a room.

Urban Loft style isn’t limited to hard-wired lights. Be sure to take into account all your natural light and remove anything near or around windows that can interfere or block it. A few simple enhancements can make a world of difference when it comes to illuminating your space to create the ultimate city-chic dwelling.

Browse our entire collection of Urban Loft lighting options and imagine the possibilities.

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