The 5 best reasons to upgrade to Instalux® indoor lighting


Do you know the difference between motion-activated lighting and motion-controlled lighting?

Motion-activated indoor lighting sometimes has you doing jumping jacks in your living room just to keep the lights on. Although we love the health benefits, you shouldn’t have to bust out your best aerobic moves to see where you dropped the TV remote.

Motion-controlled lighting, on the other hand, doesn’t test your fitness ability (or patience). Your floor lamp won’t shut off just because you’re sitting still on the sofa.

Motion-controlled lighting focuses on the “control” part of the equation, giving you more flexibility than just on/off functions to control brightness—or even bypass a dimmer switch altogether.

With Instalux® motion-controlled indoor lighting, you can adjust and enhance your home’s lighting—not by the touch of a button, but with just the wave of your hand. Simply put, it’s lighting on demand.

The most popular reasons you should switch to switchless

Your home is your castle, right? So it only makes sense for it to feel like an extension of “you,” with the most user-friendly and intuitive lighting possible. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, a motion-controlled makeover might be in your future…

1. Hands-free convenience (because you don’t have three arms)

No more juggling an armload of groceries or fumbling around your master bedroom looking for the switch in the middle of the night—a simple wave of your hand will make motion-controlled under-cabinet lights and wall lights feel like a mini-luxury.

2. Motion-controlled fixtures are super-easy to install

When motion-controlled technology is built right into the fixture, it doesn’t require any standalone room sensors, dimmers or hard-wiring to a “smart” hub—a DIY win!

3. More than just an ON/OFF, you control the brightness level

Instalux motion-controlled indoor lights create just the right ambiance with a range of brightness between 15% and 100%, simply by holding your hand under a sensor—making them ideal for pendant lights as an alternative to the traditional dimmer control.

4. Think practical: Ergonomics and potential savings

Not ready to redo your entire home? Laundry rooms, kitchens and hobby rooms all require task lighting during busy situations. And if anyone in your home has a mobility issue, a wall switch isn’t always an option. Start with under-cabinet lights or energy-saving motion-sensored LED light bulbs to help turn off lights and cut down on energy bills.

5. Intuitive homes feel more luxurious

Just imagine reading a book or watching a movie without having to get up and flip a light switch. Or how much easier cooking is because you can change the lighting anytime without putting down that messy dish. When your lighting is in sync with the way you live, it’s pure harmony. Small technologies and sensors go a long way to optimizing your home’s perceived “luxe” factor.

Long story short? Say buh-bye to touch lamps, audible clap sensors and remote controls. And wave hello to the newest motion-controlled lighting designs you command with the palm of your hand.

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