Rustic Style: Escape to the outdoors, wherever you live


Are you one of those people who want their home to evoke a cabin in the North Woods?

Maybe you have childhood memories of gazing at the stars through a lattice of leaves with a campfire crackling nearby. Maybe you cherish those getaways to a secluded stream where the water runs clear and you can cast for hours without hearing another human voice.

Or maybe you’ve never had those experiences, but you’ve always wanted to.

That’s why the Rustic style is so popular these days. People like bringing a piece of the outdoors indoors—to find a moment of escape from the urban or suburban grind.

A space in your home for nature

People who love nature often like to intentionally create spaces in their homes reflecting that love.

Although you may not have a cabin in the woods, you can have a family room, a home office, a game room—even a bathroom—that feels like one. A single piece of furniture or a couple of accessories can connect you with that peace you feel when you’re surrounded by natural beauty.

That’s why we’ve created a full offering of Rustic-style lighting and ceiling fans that bring that woodsy feel into your favorite spaces, inside or outside your home.

How to light a Rustic style room

So, which type of Rustic lighting is right for you? Well, that depends on the space you’re lighting.

  • Your living room or great room. Rustic-style wall lamps complement your stone fireplace and woven blankets with matte metals and natural elements. (Many of our Rustic-style outdoor wall lamps work equally well indoors.)
  • Your dining room. Rustic style chandeliers evoking antlers, branches and other natural elements give your dining room a rough-hewn vibe.
  • Your kitchen. Versatile, Rustic style pendants add a North Woods touch while illuminating your kitchen island with bright task lighting.

Rustic lighting can also enhance your game room, your office, your hallways or even your bathroom. Whether you’ve gone full-on cabin-in-the-woods or just brought in a few woodsy touches, our Rustic-style lamps and ceiling fans can help create the feeling of an outdoors escape in any space throughout your home.

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