Coastal vibes: Where classic style meets cottage charm

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Seaside or suburbs—when you love the beach, it just shows.

There’s a reason everyone is drawn to the water. Science has proven people tend to be their happiest when they’re near large bodies of water. So if you’d rather have sand on your toes than snow on your boots, you’re not alone.

A laid-back aesthetic and carefree mindset go a long way to helping beach lovers recreate that sense of peace and relaxation in their own homes. Whether it was a childhood trip to the Gulf Coast or a honeymoon excursion to the Greek Isles—memories of joyous times spent near water stay with you. That’s why the Coastal style is one of the most popular design aesthetics today.

Let sun-bleached colors and ocean-inspired hues define your point of view

Coastal décor includes a wide range of looks, from nautical New England to tropical pastels to bright and beachy themes. And if you happen to love any of these Coastal styles, there’s no need to stay in your shell!

When it comes to creating the Coastal environment, there are no rules. The best approach is to keep it casual and carefree—surrounding yourself with the art, objects and accessories that make you happy. Embracing a no-pressure, mix-and-match approach creates a comfortable atmosphere guests will appreciate—even if you’re miles from an actual waterfront.

It only takes a few key pieces to give your home a Coastal flair. And one of the easiest, yet most overlooked ways to infuse style into your space is with nautical, coastal and beach-inspired lighting.

How to illuminate your home, harbor-style

A little drama is easy to achieve with the right fixture. Here are a few tips to make selecting a design easier than ever.

  • Bring outdoor fixtures inside. If your ceiling heights allow, consider mounting Coastal style outdoor lighting on each side of your bathroom medicine cabinet—or in an unexpected place like a laundry room—to make a nautical statement.
  • Brighten up tight quarters. Busy on deck? Stick to compact Coastal flush mount lighting in high-traffic areas like hallways, foyers, landings and stairwells to save space and open up areas with bright light.
  • Anchor ceilings in main living areas. To establish a focal point with minimal effort, opt for Coastal indoor lighting styles like pendants and chandeliers—with their wide array of interesting finishes—for dining rooms and family rooms.

Explore our curated collection of Coastal style lighting options to see all the ways you can bring the warmth of the beach into your space.

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